To support our communities to have the quality experiences and the culture we have envisioned for The Commons we have developed a set of engagement guidelines. The guidelines supplement the NCU Code of Conduct stated in section seven of the Course Catalog and the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act, which precludes posting of copyrighted materials in The Commons. As you engage in The Commons please support and follow these engagement guidelines:

Express Respect. Together, as members of The Commons, we create an environment of respect, professionalism, and courtesy. We try to use appropriate language and tone, listen and respond to each other with open and constructive minds.

Emphasize Inquiry. We strive to create an environment of inquiry that fosters insightful and non-threatening sharing of ideas, knowledge, skills, and experiences that aim to clarify and bridge understandings. We attempt to suspend assumptions, test inferences, and explain the reasons behind claims, questions, and actions. We understand our responsibility to countercheck posted information and resources when considering their use in other applications.

Invite Engagement. We participate in group discussions and postings and invite questions and comments. We are not afraid to respectfully challenge each other by asking questions that focus on ideas and refrain from personal attacks and positions.

Refrain from Soliciting. In the Commons, our interactions should focus on academics and engagement; therefore, we are prohibited from soliciting business of any kind.  We can make recommendations for helpful resources, but no one should attempt to solicit business for themselves or others in posts, comments or private messages.

Appreciate Diversity. We provide opportunities for people to express their points of view and be heard by those with other perspectives, creating authentic, open-minded dialogues. We encourage and appreciate each other’s unique contributions.

Assume Positive Intent. We know that at times we can misunderstand another’s communication or passionately overstate a feeling or belief we have. When these situations arise we look towards the positive intent of the posting and respond with genuine inquiry and respect.

NCU reserves the right to remove posts or comments that contain content considered to be a violation of NCU's Code of Conduct Policy, to recruit participants for any course assignments or research activities, to solicit business of any kind, and when there is a concern about someone's safety.  Northcentral is committed to maintaining a community with exceptional ethical standards of professional and academic conduct.  We encourage lively discourse among us as academic scholars. If you have any concerns about a post or a comment in the Commons please report it to: